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28 with kids This isn’t your first rodeo – you have experience with bills and maybe even a loan or two. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got it all figured out, hardly. (In fact, weren’t you just graduating from high school like, yesterday?) But even if you don’t feel -up, you have a lot of financial needs that seem to indicate differently.

You’re trying to figure out how to stretch your pay check further than ever before these days: day care, diapers, groceries (how did food get so expensive?!) – and can we just talk about why kid clothes cost the same as adult clothes? They take a quarter of the fabric to make and they only last 4 months before they out grow them. Really?!

We get that you have a lot on your plate – and you need a credit union who can help you achieve all of your financial dreams, while understanding you are on a budget. You might be looking to purchase your first home — or maybe trying to figure out how to upgrade to a bigger house or make home improvements to your starter home as your family grows. Now that you have begun a 401k; you may be interested in investing further. You may even have a 401k from a previous employer that needs rolled over. You might want to know how to start a college account for your kids, or need help figuring out if you’re on target with your debt to income ratio.

Whatever the case may be, below are a few products & services that may be just the answer.

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